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American Government

Power and Purpose

Fourteenth Core Edition


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Connects current political science to the core topics in American politics.

The text that professors trust to get students thinking analytically about American government now does more than any other text to help students understand the quantitative data they encounter in the course and in political news. The tightened and streamlined Fourteenth Edition also applies an analytical perspective to current policy issues in new "Policy Principle" sections.

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    The End of Liberalism: The Second Republic of the United States

    Theodore J. Lowi

    40th Anniversary Edition, Paperback, 2009

    This widely read book has become a modern classic of political science.
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    The Politics of Disorder

    Theodore J. Lowi

    Paperback, 2008

    “This is a book which demands readers and, more important, one which compels the kind of reflection needed if we are to give life to the moribund Republic.” —Carey McWilliams, New York Times Book...

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