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Cognitive Therapy

A Practical Guide


Dean Schuyler (Author)

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Cognitive Therapy: A Practical Guide offers trainees in psychology, psychiatry, social work, or counseling a way to learn how one effectively practices cognitive therapy.

This guide combines practical teachings drawn from Schuyler’s highly acclaimed workshops with personal encouragement for trainees to be real and creative persons in their therapeutic practice. The work is nothing less than a clinical tutorial: a focused conversation addressing controversial issues in psychotherapy such as how to establish a here-and-now focus, how to use selective self-disclosure, and how to replace a patient monologue with a therapeutic dialogue. Schuyler succeeds in shifting the focus from learning about cognitive therapy to learning to do cognitive therapy. Trainees in psychotherapy will find this book invaluable while trainers and supervisors will pick up Cognitive Therapy: A Practical Guide as a highly useful adjunct to their own training materials. This book is a revised and thoroughly expanded edition of Schuyler's 1991 book, A Practical Guide to Cognitive Therapy.

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