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Gay Affirmative Therapy for the Straight Clinician

The Essential Guide


Joe Kort (Author)

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All the answers straight clinicians need to work effectively with gay and lesbian clients.

It has been over three decades since the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality as a category of deviant behavior from the DSM. Same-sex marriage is recognized in certain states, gay-straight alliances are springing up in high schools across the country, and major religious denominations are embracing gay clergy. Yet despite the sea change of attitudes toward homosexuality, many well-meaning straight therapists are still at a loss as to how to effectively counsel their gay and lesbian clients. This book will offer straight therapists the tools they need to counsel gay and lesbian clients effectively.


“Awarded Honorable Mention by the 2009 AASECT Awards Committee.” — AASECT Awards

“[E]nlightening, instructive, and jam-packed with essential information for any straight clinician working with gay, lesbian, and transgendered clients. I am pleased to recommend it very highly.” — Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy

“This book, written in a highly accessible style, is suitable for both novice and experienced counsellors whose earlier training may have omitted lesbian and gay issues. It is essential reading for the straight therapist who has not explored his or her own prejudices and has little knowledge of the lesbian and gay world.” — Therapy Today

“Joe Kort’s book is a well written, well rounded and thoroughly researched text on how to treat gay couples. All therapists can benefit from this book. The case examples are perfect illustrations of the points he wants the reader to understand and the research is timely and up to date.” — Contemporary Sexuality

“It is hard not to be impressed by the author’s warmth, depth and almost evangelical enthusiasm for his subject….I would heartily recommend this text to any ‘straight clinicians’ working with gay or lesbian clients.” — Sexual and Relationship Therapy