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Black Flags, Blue Waters

The Epic History of America's Most Notorious Pirates


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With tales of vicious mutineers, imperial riches and high-seas intrigue, Black Flags, Blue Waters reanimates the “Golden Age” of piracy.

Black Flags, Blue Waters reveals the dramatic history of American piracy’s “Golden Age”—spanning the late 1600s through to the early 1700s—when lawless pirates plied the coastal waters of North America and beyond. Eric Jay Dolin illustrates how American colonists at first supported these outrageous pirates in an early display of solidarity against the Crown and then violently opposed them. Through engrossing episodes of roguish glamour and extreme brutality, Dolin depicts the star pirates of this period. Also brilliantly detailed are the pirates’ manifold enemies. Upending misconceptions and cartoonish stereotypes, Dolin provides this original account of the seafaring outlaws whose raids reflect the precarious nature of American colonial life.


“A masterly and vivid account of the pirates who operated around America's coasts in the late 1600s and early 1700s. Using an impressive array of sources, Eric Jay Dolin throws a fresh light on familiar stories, unearths some new and surprising facts, and skillfully sets the exploits of a notorious generation of pirates in their historical context.” — David Cordingly, author of Under the Black Flag

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