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Kurosawa's Rashomon

A Vanished City, a Lost Brother, and the Voice Inside His Iconic Films


Paul Anderer (Author)

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Examining Akira Kurosawa’s dazzling films and mysterious past, this new book provides a greater understanding of the director’s genius.

Despite his iconic status, Kurosawa’s life story remains an enigma and art imitates life with its own “Rashomon” effect. To discover Kurosawa, Paul Anderer guides us through the ruins of a defeated country and a shattered family. He brings to life the dynamic energy of Tokyo in the 1920s and the city’s impact on the young Kurosawa. He resurrects the spectre of Kurosawa’s older brother, Heido, a star in the silent film industry, who leads a colourful, rebellious life until his despairing, tragic end. Anderer brings these formative years into focus and looks beyond the aura of Kurosawa’s enduring fame. Kurosawa’s Rashomon brings Kurosawa and his vivid, challenging world to life.