Norton Critical Editions:Nineteenth-Century Literature

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  • 9781324000556 72

    An Essay on the Principle of Population

    Thomas Robert Malthus, Joyce E. Chaplin


    The world’s population is now 7.4 billion people. As we stand witness to a possible reversal of modernity’s positive trends, Thomas Malthus’s pessimism is worth full reconsideration.

  • 9780393937442 72

    The Secret Agent

    Joseph Conrad, Richard Niland


    “[A] masterly study of the inner workings of the disordered minds whose aim is destruction, violence, and the overturning of law and order by means of bombs.”—The Observer (1907)

  • 9780393284386 72

    Hard Times

    Charles Dickens, Fred Kaplan

    Fourth Edition


    “An excellent collection of critical and social commentary that will help to make Dickens’ image of Victorian England meaningful to all students.”—John Howard Wilson, Dakota Wesleyan University

  • 9780393264876 72

    Jane Eyre

    Charlotte Brontë, Deborah Lutz

    Fourth Edition


    Based on the 1848 edition text, the Brontës’ gifted biographer provides a superlative Norton Critical Edition of Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel.

  • 9780393264883 72

    Pride and Prejudice

    Jane Austen, Donald Gray, Mary A. Favret

    Fourth Edition


    The Norton Critical Edition of Pride and Prejudice has been revised to reflect the most current scholarly approaches to Austen’s most widely read novel.