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Gravitation and Spacetime

Second Edition

December 1994

Hans C. Ohanian (Author), Remo Ruffini (Author)


A remarkable book has just been made even better.

Now more than ever, Gravitation and Spacetime, Second Edition, by Hans C. Ohanian and new coauthor Remo Ruffini, deserves John Wheeler’s praise as "the best book on the market today of 500 pages or less on gravitation and general relativity." Gravitation and Spacetime has been thoroughly updated with the most exciting finds and hottest theoretical topics in general relativity and cosmology. Highlights of the revision include the rise and fall of the fifth force, principles and applications of gravitational lensing, COBE’s spectacular confirmation of the blackbody spectrum of the cosmic thermal radiation, theories of dark matter and inflation, and the early universe as a testing ground for particle physicists’ unification theories, and much, much more.

The ideal choice for a graduate-level introduction to general relativity, Gravitation and Spacetime is also suitable for an advanced undergaduate course.

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165 x 244 mm • 704 pages



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