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  • 9780393703993 72

    Hypnotic Techniques: For Standard Psychotherapy and Formal Hypnosis

    Sonja Benson, George Gafner


    Hypnosis and hypnotic techniques are strong tools for assisting clients in moving beyond their resistance to therapy.

  • 9780393703825 72

    Of One Mind: The Logic of Hypnosis, The Practice of Therapy

    Douglas Flemons


    Jay Haley once said, ‘The only reasonable excuse for adding another theory of hypnosis to the many that have been proposed is an entirely new approach to the problem.’ In Of One Mind, Douglas Flemons demonstrates that he has an eminently reasonable excuse.

  • 9780393703245 72

    Handbook of Hypnotic Inductions

    Sonja Benson, George Gafner


    This useful resource provides over two dozen detailed scripts for inducing trance, deepening, realerting, and debriefing. It covers beginning to advanced hypnotic inductions in four main categories: conversational inductions, embedded-meaning inductions, confusional inductions, and directive inductions.

  • 9780393702590 72

    Ego States: Theory and Therapy

    Helen H. Watkins, John G. Watkins


    Ego states are the parts of our personality that cause us to act different ways in different situations.

  • 9780393702163 72

    Hypnosis and Suggestion in the Treatment of Pain: A Clinical Guide

    Joseph Barber, Ernest R. Hilgard


    When a patient's suffering is not adequately managed by the best medical interventions available, the clinician may feel at a loss.