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  • 9780393323719 72

    Reinventing the Bazaar: A Natural History of Markets

    John McMillan


    Clear, insightful, and nondogmatic, this book gives us a new appreciation for one of our most ubiquitous institutions.

  • 9780393324396 72

    Globalization and Its Discontents

    Joseph E. Stiglitz


    This powerful, unsettling book gives us a rare glimpse behind the closed doors of global financial institutions by the winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize in Economics.


  • 9780393323696 72

    Michael Jordan and the New Global Capitalism

    Walter LaFeber

    New Edition


    Walter LaFeber's timely analysis looks at the ways that triumphant capitalism, coupled with high-tech telecommunications, is conquering the nations of the world, one mind—one pair of feet—at a time.

  • 9780393320381 72

    The Productive Edge: A New Strategy for Economic Growth

    Richard K. Lester


    “A fascinating tale of America’s industrial comeback—how it happened, where it happened, and what must be done to make it last.” —Jeffrey E. Garten, dean of the Yale School of Management

  • 9780393318876 72

    The Accidental Theorist: And Other Dispatches from the Dismal Science

    Paul Krugman


    "Everything Mr. Krugman has to say is smart, important and even fun to read . . . he is one of a handful of very bright, relatively young economists who do everything well." — Peter Passell, New York Times Book Review