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    Why?: Explaining the Holocaust

    Peter Hayes


    A bold exploration of the Holocaust by a pre-eminent scholar in the field.

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    A Revolution in Color: The World of John Singleton Copley

    Jane Kamensky


    This bold new history recovers the American Revolution, as seen through the eyes of Boston-born painter John Singleton Copley.

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    The Greek Way

    Edith Hamilton


    Edith Hamilton buoyantly captures the spirit and achievements of the Greek civilization for our modern world.

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    The Roman Way

    Edith Hamilton


    Drawing on the greatest writers of its civilization, Hamilton vividly depicts the life and spirit of Rome.

  • Buzz: The Stimulating History of the Sex Toy

    Hallie Lieberman


    A brilliant microhistory of the sex toy that ultimately tells the story of our changing sexual mores and evolving cultural values.