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  • Featured9780393354164 72

    She: Fiction

    Michelle Latiolais


    "Latiolais is as close to Alice Munro as a writer can get, but with a more modern edge."—Los Angeles Times

  • 9781631492297 72

    The Twenty Days of Turin: A Novel

    Giorgio De Maria, Ramon Glazov


    Written during the height of the 1970s Italian domestic terror, a cult novel, with distinct echoes of Lovecraft and Borges, makes its English-language debut.

  • Featured9781631492655 72

    Hold Still: A Novel

    Lynn Steger Strong


    Heralding the arrival of a profoundly moving new talent, Hold Still explores the weight of culpability and the depths and limits of a mother’s love.

  • The Lovecraft Squad: All Hallows Horror: A Novel

    John Llewellyn Probert, Stephen Jones


    The first in a trilogy following the exploits of a secret organisation battling the monstrosities from H.P. Lovecraft’s fevered imagination.

  • A Murder in Time: A Novel

    Julie McElwain


    When brilliant FBI agent Kendra Donovan stumbles back in time and finds herself in a 19th century English castle under threat from a vicious serial killer, she scrambles to solve the case before it takes her life—200 years before she was even born.