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  • 9780393007312 72

    Worker in the Cane: A Puerto Rican Life History

    Sidney W. Mintz


    This is the absorbing story of Don Taso, a Puerto Rican sugar cane worker, and of his family and the village in which he lives. Told largely in his own words, it is a vivid account of the drastic changes taking place in Puerto Rico, as he sees them.

  • 9780393005844 72


    A. H M Jones, Moses I. Finley


    Constitutional changes, administrative revisions, factional rivalry, and war are all themes that Professor Jones develops within the main narrative. He treats separately such topics as finance, religion, social policy, literature and the arts, and the sources of this crucial period in the history of Rome.

  • 9780393003673 72

    From Castlereagh to Gladstone: 1815-1885

    Derek Beales


    From Castlereagh to Gladstone 1815-1885 is the seventh volume of the "Norton Library History of England."

  • 9780393003819 72

    Alexander the Great

    Ulrich Wilcken, Eugene N. Borza, G C. Richards, Eugene N. Borza, Eugene N. Borza


    Here is one of the great biographies of Alexander, in its original form, brought fully up to date with findings of modern research and criticism.

  • 9780393003635 72

    The Later Middle Ages, 1272-1485

    George Holmes


    Professor Holmes also examines the politics of these years--the relations of the kings of England with neighboring rules and with their own...