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  • 9780393317190 72

    Charles Ives: A Life with Music

    Jan Swafford


    An illuminating portrait of a man whose innovative works profoundly influenced the course of twentieth-century American classical music.

  • 9780393317121 72

    The Classical Style: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven

    Charles Rosen

    Expanded Edition


    A greatly expanded edition of the National Book Award-winning masterpiece by a world-class pianist and writer on music.

  • 9780393316889 72

    The Complete Plays of Gilbert and Sullivan

    William Schwenck Gilbert, Arthur Seymour Sullivan


    From Trial by Jury to The Pirates of Penzance: the complete librettos of all fourteen Gilbert and Sullivan operas.

  • 9780393038576 72

    The Lives of the Great Composers

    Harold C. Schonberg


    An updated and expanded edition of this perennial favorite, tracing the line of composers from Monteverdi to the tonalists of the 1990s.

  • 9780393308747 72

    Film Music: A Neglected Art

    Roy M. Pendergast


    In addition to the new material on the synthesizer mentioned above, the author has completely reviewed the four parts of the book and integrated...