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  • 9780871407078 72

    On Augustine: The Two Cities

    Alan Ryan


    No philosopher speaks more immediately to the excesses of our twenty-first-century world and the limits of human reason than Augustine.

  • 9780871408488 72

    On Hobbes: Escaping the War of All Against All

    Alan Ryan


    Hobbes created the first truly modern political philosophy.

  • 9780393242270 72

    What Philosophy Can Do

    Gary Gutting


    A leading philosopher brings the tools of his trade to contentious contemporary debates.

  • 9781631491146 72

    The Meaning of Human Existence

    Edward O. Wilson


    Challenging a purely mechanistic view of human existence, Edward O. Wilson examines what makes human beings supremely different from all other species.

  • 9781631490590 72

    On Tocqueville: Democracy and America

    Alan Ryan


    Tocqueville's gifts as an observer and commentator on American life and democracy are brought to vivid life in this splendid volume.