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  • 9780393050561 72

    Bridges: The Spans of North America

    David Plowden

    Revised Edition


    Whether built of stone, brick, wood, iron, steel, or concrete, bridges have captivated our imaginations more than any other man-made structures.

  • 9780393050233 72

    New York

    Tamas Revesz


    This collection of photographs shows New York City from a fresh perspective. The essence of the city is captured in a oblique and surprising way. Tamas Revesz is a prominent Hungarian photographer who has recently moved to the United States.

  • 9780393040883 72

    Out of the East: Transition and Tradition in Asia

    Hiroji Kubota


    More than two hundred magnificent, full-color photographs document the enormous productivity of eastern Asia against the background of traditional life and culture.

  • 9780393316469 72

    Naked New York

    Greg Friedler


    In this unique and startling collection of photographic diptychs, we see average New Yorkers first clothed, then completely naked. Only their ages and professions are given as captions.

  • 9780393040272 72


    Mitch Epstein


    A photographer's compelling and poetic odyssey through modern-day Vietnam.