Architecture & Design

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  • 9780393733587 72

    Urgent Architecture: 40 Sustainable Housing Solutions for a Changing World

    Bridgette Meinhold


    Disaster-proof, environmentally friendly housing solutions for a changing climate.

  • 9780393733440 72

    The Planning Game: Lessons from Great Cities

    Alexander Garvin


    Can planners—or anyone—improve a neighborhood, city, suburb, or region? Planning does work: this book explains how.

  • 9780393733013 72

    Edward Durell Stone: Modernism's Populist Architect

    Mary Anne Hunting


    “Colossus,” “visionary,” “giant” are superlatives used in the mid-twentieth century to describe Edward Durell Stone (1902–1978), a celebrity architect whose wholly unique modern aesthetic of “new romanticism” played a crucial role in defining middle-class culture.

  • 9780393733419 72

    New York Neon

    Thomas E. Rinaldi


    A brilliant visual tour and history of that iconic element of the cityscape: the neon sign.

  • 9780393733808 72

    Taliesin Diary: A Year with Frank Lloyd Wright

    Priscilla J. Henken, Sarah Leavitt


    Winner of the Wisconsin Historical Society's 2013 Book Award of Merit, the first publication of the diary of a Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice, 1942–43, with notes, contextual essays, and contemporaneous photographs.