Brief & Solution-Focused Therapies

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  • 9780393703108 72

    Building Solutions in Child Protective Services

    Insoo Kim Berg, Susan Kelly


    "[O]ffers creative ways to build alliances with families…using language and motivational interviewing to help parents focus on problem-solving….a valuable resource." --Virginia Child Protection Newsletter

  • 9780393703252 72

    Recreating Brief Therapy: Preferences and Possibilities

    Jane E. Peller, John L. Walter


    Emerging out of the traditions of Ericksonian, strategic, and solution-focused therapies, this book redescribes and reconceives brief therapy in light of postmodern and pragmatic thinking.

  • 9780393701432 72

    A Brief Guide to Brief Therapy

    Brian Cade, Bill O'Hanlon


  • 9780393700947 72

    Symptom Analysis: A Method of Brief Therapy

    M. Gerald Edelstien


    Demonstrates that a minor variation of Freud's trauma theory, known as brief therapy, can be seen as the core of all major modern therapies, from behaviour therapy to psychoanalysis.

  • 9780393700541 72

    Clues: Investigating Solutions in Brief Therapy

    Steve de Shazer


    How do solutions develop? This question leads de Shazer to a provocative discussion of all the solution-related things that client and therapist do during a session, which ultimately point to a task that says, "Now that you know what works, do more of it."