Child & Adolescent Therapy

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  • 9780393702293 72

    Playful Approaches to Serious Problems: Narrative Therapy with Children and their Families

    David Epston, Jennifer Freeman, Dean Lobovits


    The "grown-up talk" of therapy is likely to turn off children - especially if it focuses on their problematic behavior. The highly effective techniques of narrative therapy include children by respecting their unique language, stories, and views of the world.

  • 9780393702187 72

    Turmoil to Turning Points: Building Hope for Children in Crisis Placements

    Richard Kagan


    Speaking from the trenches, Richard Kagan offers hope to all those who want to help high-risk children and their families.

  • 9780393701944 72

    Adolescence: Guiding Youth Through the Perilous Ordeal

    Miller Newton


    "An immense number of people are going to be helped by this book. It is one of those rare occurrences when high scholarship is informed and guided by immense clinical experience. The result is a learned and wonderfully readable book that is both accurate and commonsensical. This is a seminal work." --Andrew Malcolm, M.D.

  • 9780393701869 72

    Violence in the Lives of Adolescents

    Martha B. Straus


    The author describes the book’s theoretical framework as the ecology of violence; therapists can intervene to stop violence on any of four...

  • 9780393701531 72

    The Advanced PRISM Workbook

    David B. Wexler


    This new, advanced supplement to the 16-group program described in The Adolescent Self provides advanced exercises and techniques for adolescents who have mastered those taught in the original PRISM Workbook.