Psychiatry & Psychopathology

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  • 9780393701401 72

    The Intimate Edge: Extending the Reach of Psychoanalytic Interaction

    Darlene Bregman Ehrenberg


    From an interactive perspective, the author proposes a "theory of therapeutic action", focusing on what is healing in psychoanalysis, whether or not it evolves from "technique".

  • 9780393700374 72

    Humanizing the Narcissistic Style

    Stephen M. Johnson


    The narcissistic style is rooted in the individual’s family and early childhood and is an endemic result of our culture’s material perfectionism.

  • 9780393700015 72

    Characterological Transformation: The Hard Work Miracle

    Stephen M. Johnson


    “[H]ighly recommended as a uniquely sensitive and intelligent interpretation of the personal dynamics of character structure and the correlating contributions of ego psychology to these dynamics.” —Robert M. Hilton, Ph.D., Co-director, Southern California Bioenergetics Society