Trauma & PTSD

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  • 9780393701869 72

    Violence in the Lives of Adolescents

    Martha B. Straus


    The author describes the book’s theoretical framework as the ecology of violence; therapists can intervene to stop violence on any of four...

  • 9780393701586 72

    Psychotherapy of the Brain-Injured Patient: Reclaiming the Shattered Self

    Laurence Miller


    Integrating neuropsychodynamic and biopsychosocial factors, this book provides a guide for psychotherapists whose practices may include patients with traumatic brain injury and related neurobehavioural syndromes, such as strokes and brain tumours.

  • 9780393701234 72

    The Trauma Response: Treatment for Emotional Injury

    Diana Sullivan Everstine, Louis Everstine


    This book offers a new conceptual approach to the problem of post-traumatic stress disorder, in which the response to trauma is seen as a reaction to injury rather than as an illness.

  • 9780393700961 72

    Sex, Love, and Violence: Strategies for Transformation

    Cloe Madanes


    This work proposes a model for choosing the right intervention to solve the problems which are brought to therapy. The emphasis is on how to understand and control the many forms of violence (including incest and sexual abuse) that constitute a primary therapeutic problem of our time.