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  • 9780393615159 72

    Chemistry: The Science in Context

    Stacey Lowery Bretz, Geoffrey Davies, Natalie Foster, Thomas R. Gilbert, Rein V. Kirss

    Fifth Edition

    Mixed media product

    A text and media package that helps students develop their molecular-visualisation skills as a key part of becoming expert problem solvers.

  • 9780393937138 72

    Organic Chemistry

    Maitland Jones, Steven A. Fleming

    Fifth International Student Edition


    “Visualize, Understand, Draw” helps students to move beyond memorization.

  • 9780393913057 72

    ChemConnections Activity Workbook

    Sharon Anthony, Kevin L. Braun, Heather Mernitz


    Make chemistry memorable: choose from fifty-nine collaborative activities that will make your general chemistry lecture, recitation, homework, or lab more relevant, interactive, and collaborative.

  • 9780393912869 72

    Calculations in Chemistry: An Introduction

    Donald J. Dahm, Eric A. Nelson


    A research-backed learning system for preparatory chemistry that systematically reinforces both the fundamental concepts and math skills that are prerequisites for success in general chemistry.

  • Chemistry: The Science in Context

    Thomas R. Gilbert, Rein V. Kirss, Natalie Foster, Geoffrey Davies

    Third Edition

    Digital product license key

    Designed to help today's students connect chemistry to their world, see that world from a molecular point of view, and become expert problem solvers.