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  • 9780393960563 72

    The American Constitution: Its Origins and Development

    Herman Belz, Winfred Harbison, Alfred H. Kelly

    Seventh Edition

    Volume: 1


    In this new edition of the standard text in the field of American constitutional history, Herman Belz has brought the most up-to-date scholarship to bear on discussions from the adoption of the Constitution through the retirement of Justice Brennan and the confirmation of David Scouter to the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • 9780393955309 72

    The Essential Adam Smith

    Adam Smith, Robert L. Heilbroner, Laurence J. Malone


    Few writings are more often cited as a cornerstone of modern economic thought than those of Adam Smith. Few are less read.

  • 9780393955378 72

    The Spanish American Revolutions 1808-1826

    John Lynch

    Second Edition


    Spanish America was engulfed for nearly two decades in revolutions for independence that were sudden, violent, and universal.

  • 9780393951332 72

    Hellenistic Art: The Art of the Classical World from the Death of Alexander the Great to the Battle of Actium

    Christine Mitchell Havelock

    Revised Edition


    This book introduces the arts of Greece as they were executed between the death of Alexander and the Battle of Actium, when Greece finally lost her independence and Augustus assumed control of Mediterranean.

  • 9780393090215 72

    The Age of Religious Wars, 1559-1715

    Richard S. Dunn

    Second Edition


    This series provides seven original, through, and well-balanced volumes for courses in European history from the Renaissance to the present.