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  • 9780393977202 72

    Japan: A Modern History

    James L. McClain


    Japan: A Modern History provides a comprehensive narrative that integrates the political, social, cultural, and economic history of modern Japan from the investiture of Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1603 to the present.

  • 9780393978605 72

    The Revolutionary Era, 1789-1850

    Charles Breunig, Matthew Levinger

    Third Edition


    The Revolutionary Era, Third Edition, provides a vivid historical account of the forces that shaped early nineteenth-century Europe.

  • 9780393974270 72

    The Civil War and Reconstruction

    Jean Harvey Baker, David Herbert Donald, Michael F. Holt


    Long considered the standard text in the field, The Civil War and Reconstruction—originally written by James G. Randall and revised by David Donald—is now available in a thoroughly revised new edition prepared by David Donald, Jean H. Baker, and Michael F. Holt.

  • 9780393967050 72

    France in Modern Times

    Gordon Wright

    Fifth Edition


    This text charts the political history of France from the 18th century to the present, interspersing narrative with chapters on society, the economy, culture and historiography.

  • 9780393963151 72

    A New Economic View of American History: From Colonial Times to 1940

    Jeremy Atack, Peter Passell

    Second Edition


    New sources of data, together with advances in theory, offer the opportunity for a fresh look at old and new questions.