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  • 9780393093766 72

    Victorian People and Ideas: A Companion for the Modern Reader of Victorian Literature

    Richard D. Altick


    Life in the Victorian period, focusing on the social, religious, scientific, and artistic movements that characterized the age.

  • 9780393962406 72

    The Art of Literary Research

    Richard D. Altick, John J. Fenstermaker

    Fourth Edition


    For interested readers who have other vocational plans, its authors-experienced researchers themselves-provide an intimate view of the way...

  • 9780393952162 72

    Aristotle's Poetics

    Aristotle, James Hutton, James Hutton


    Here is a new translation, remarkable for its accuracy and refreshing clarity of exposition, of the first major work of literary criticism.

  • 9780393972412 72

    The Norton Book of Science Fiction

    Brian Attebery, Ursula K. Le Guin


    In the tradition of other groundbreaking Norton Collections, Ursula K. Le Guin and Brian Attebery's Norton Book of Science Fiction provides the first truly comprehensive and coherent look at the best of contemporary science fiction.

  • 9780393974263 72

    Writing: A College Handbook

    Janet Atwill, James A. W. Heffernan, John E. Lincoln

    Fifth Edition


    Through four successful editions, Writing: A College Handbook’s positive approach has not only empowered students to write effectively, it has challenged students to consider why good writing matters.