Political Science

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  • 9780393964745 72

    The American Age: U.S. Foreign Policy at Home and Abroad

    Walter LaFeber

    Second Edition

    Volume: One-Volume


    In the Second Edition, LaFeber has revised nearly every chapter in the book. In the early chapters, there is more attention to the origins of...

  • 9780393961850 72

    An Inquiry into the Human Prospect: Looked at Again for the 1990s

    Robert L. Heilbroner


    Is there hope for man? That "terrible question" was posed by Robert L. Heilbroner in the original version of An Inquiry into the Human Prospect.

  • 9780393955293 72

    The Nature and Logic of Capitalism

    Robert L. Heilbroner


    In The Worldly Philosophers, Robert Heilbroner set out to describe what the great economists thought would happen to the system of capitalism. In later books. Professor Heilbroner projected his own views about the future of the capitalist system. Now he asks a still more demanding question: What is capitalism?

  • 9780393953121 72

    Political Economy: An Introductory Text

    Edmund S. Phelps


    Political Economy is an introduction to economics for the university student and general reader.

  • 9780393953701 72

    The Political Crisis of the 1850s

    Michael F. Holt


    Professor Holt's book provides a lucid and provocative interpretation of the coming of the Civil War.