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  • Ebook Folder for ZAPS 2.0

    W. W. Norton, Ton de Jong

    Digital product license key

  • Featured9780393603675 72

    Pioneers of Psychology

    Raymond E. Fancher, Alexandra Rutherford

    Fifth International Edition


    Brings the history of psychology to life.

  • 9780393265156 72

    Psychology in Your Life

    Sarah Grison, Todd Heatherton, Michael Gazzaniga

    Second Edition

    Mixed media product

    Makes science accessible at all levels by showing how psychology is relevant to students’ everyday lives.

  • 9780393283723 72

    The Personality Puzzle

    David C. Funder

    Seventh International Student Edition


    A personality text with personality.

  • Featured9780393283532 72

    Social Psychology

    Tom Gilovich, Dacher Keltner, Serena Chen, Richard E. Nisbett

    Fourth International Student Edition


    A dynamic introduction to the science, relevance and excitement of today's social psychology.