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  • Left in the Wind: A Novel of the Lost Colony: The Roanoke Journal of Emme Merrimoth

    Ed Gray


    Faced with dwindling resources and warring tribes, the colony on Roanoke Island begins to crumble while one young housekeeper commits herself to recording her every memory of the Lost Colony.

  • A Twisted Vengeance: A Kate Clifford Novel

    Candace Robb


    As the fourteenth century comes to a close, York seethes on the brink of civil war—and young widow Kate Clifford, struggling to keep her businesses afloat, realizes that her mother is harboring a dangerous secret…

  • The Service of the Dead: A Novel

    Candace Robb


    Expertly recreating the social and political upheavals of late medieval Europe, Candace Robb introduces a new series starring Kate Clifford, a woman forged on the warring northern marches of fourteenth century England.

  • 9781631492945 72

    Here Comes the Sun: A Novel

    Nicole Dennis-Benn


    Capturing the distinct rhythms of Jamaican life and dialect, Nicole Dennis- Benn pens a tender hymn to a world hidden among pristine beaches and...

  • 9781631492297 72

    The Twenty Days of Turin: A Novel

    Giorgio De Maria, Ramon Glazov


    Written during the height of the 1970s Italian domestic terror, a cult novel, with distinct echoes of Lovecraft and Borges, makes its English-language debut.