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  • 9780393313055 72

    Spanish in 32 Lessons



    “Beginners aren’t imbeciles! The boring repetition of inane exercises in ‘modern’ methods is an insult to the intelligence.” —Adrienne

  • 9780393312515 72


    Richard Sennett


    “Historical fiction at its most scrupulous and carefully researched. . . . A novel of this kind needs to be elegantly written while getting its period language unobtrusively convincing. Sennett achieves both requisites quite splendidly.” —D. J. Enright, New York Review of Books

  • 9780393311693 72

    Maria: or, The Wrongs of Woman

    Mary Wollstonecraft


    In Maria, Wollstonecraft pursues in fictional form themes set forth in 'A Vindication of the Rights of Woman.'

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    Next: Young American Writers on the New Generation

    Eric Liu


    Jenny Lyn Bader • Stephen Beachy • Paul Beatty • David Bernstein • David Greenberg • Paula Kamen • Ted Kleine • Karen Lehrman • • Eric Liu • Lalo Lopez • Lisa Palac • Robin Pogrebin • Ian Williams • Naomi Wolf • Elizabeth Wurtzel • Cathy Young

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    Crucial Conversations

    May Sarton


    "May Sarton's provocative novel is about a wife who has outgrown her husband, and after twenty-seven years of marriage decides that she has had enough. . . . she is altogether believable." —The Atlantic