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  • 9780393116823 72


    Henry Gleitman, James Gross, Daniel Reisberg

    Eighth International Student Edition


    The most intelligent book ever written for the course, reinvented for today's students.

  • 9780393924473 72

    Learning & Memory

    Howard Eichenbaum


    In Learning & Memory, leading researcher Howard Eichenbaum provides a new-fashioned synthesis of the contemporary learning and memory fields.

  • 9780393977219 72

    The Thinking Eye, the Seeing Brain: Explorations in Visual Cognition

    James T. Enns


    The Thinking Eye, the Seeing Brain is the first modern visual cognition survey text written especially for undergraduates, available now at a uniquely affordable price.

  • 9780393975918 72

    Psychology of Learning and Behavior

    Steven J. Robbins, Barry Schwartz, Edward A. Wasserman

    Fifth Edition


    Now in its Fifth Edition, Psychology of Learning and Behavior is one of the most highly regarded texts in its field.

  • 9780393944594 72

    Abnormal Psychology

    Martin E. P. Seligman, Elaine F. Walker, David L. Rosenhan

    Fourth Edition

    Mixed media product

    When first published in 1984, Abnormal Psychology won widespread support and hundreds of adoptions for its innovative approach, which highlighted the psychological theories and treatments that best fit each disorder.