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French Grill

125 Refined & Rustic Recipes


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Recipes and methods for grilling—the French way.

Barbecue was invented in France? So says renowned cookbook author Susan Herrmann Loomis. When the Gauls were racing through lush forests in what is now Brittany, Normandy and the Loire Valley, hunting wild boar, deer and rabbit, they’d return to the village, build a fire and split their prize from barbe a queue (head to tail) for roasting.

Today, the French are still great barbecuers, though over the centuries they’ve refined their skills and borrowed methods from other cuisines: the grill from the US, the plancha from Spain, the mechoui from North Africa. Recipes include: Pork Burgers with Foie Gras, Steak Tenderloin with Smoky Olives, Choucroute from the Grill and Poires Belle Hélene.

French Grill features dishes for every occasion using ingredients that any American cook can easily find, tips on how to buy the best ingredients and French grilling anecdotes throughout.