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  • 9780393963540 72

    New Worlds of Literature: Writings from America's Many Cultures

    Jerome Beaty, J. Paul Hunter

    Second Edition


    An introduction to literature and also a text for courses in composition, multicultural, or contemporary American literature.

  • 9780393962406 72

    The Art of Literary Research

    Richard D. Altick, John J. Fenstermaker

    Fourth Edition


    For interested readers who have other vocational plans, its authors-experienced researchers themselves-provide an intimate view of the way...

  • 9780393960112 72

    Piers Plowman: An Alliterative Verse Translation

    William Langland, Judith H. Anderson, Elizabeth D. Kirk, E. Talbot Donaldson


    A translation of the 14th century poem, which offers a picture of society in the late Middle Ages on the threshold of the early modern world.

  • 9780393954647 72

    German: A Structural Approach

    Walter F. W. Lohnes, William E. Petig, F. W. Strothmann

    Fourth Edition


    German: A Structural Approach, Fourth Edition, shares the basic aims of earlier editions: developing speaking, reading, and writing, while at the same time giving students a clear understanding of the structure of the language.

  • 9780393955477 72

    English Romanticism

    Marilyn Gaull


    The English Romantic period—when, as Wordsworth wrote, "the whole earth/The beauty wore of promise"—was also a time in which many of our contemporary attitudes, conventions, and institutions originated. The present book explores, in fascinating depth, the context given by human beings of the time to what its writers called "the spirit of the age."