Sandra M. Gilbert

Sandra M. Gilbert is a distinguished literary critic, professor, and poet. She lives in Berkeley, CA.


American Book Award, 2001

Books by Sandra M. Gilbert

  • 9780393067651 72

    The Culinary Imagination: From Myth to Modernity

    Sandra M. Gilbert

    Hardcover, 2014

    From the recipe novel to the celebrity chef, renowned scholar Sandra Gilbert explores the poetics and politics of food.
  • 9780393301502 72

    Emily's Bread: Poems

    Sandra M. Gilbert

    Paperback, 1984

    "Ms. Gilbert's wit, energy and intelligence are formidable. She is well on her way to becoming one of our pre-eminent women-of-letters." —Carolyn Kizer
  • 9780393049725 72

    Inventions of Farewell: A Collection of Elegies

    Sandra M. Gilbert, Emily Dickinson, Wallace Stevens, Edna St Vincent Millay, Sharon Olds, Stanley Kunitz, W. S. Merwin

    Hardcover, 2001

  • 9780393306248 72

    Blood Pressure

    Sandra M. Gilbert

    Paperback, 1990

    "The range of this new collection is exciting. Gilbert travels along the shifting boundaries of past and present with wonderful deftness, making Jackson Heights into a magic kingdom. I love this...
  • 9780393314472 72

    Ghost Volcano: Poems

    Sandra M. Gilbert

    Paperback, 1997

    Here in her intense and beautiful fifth collection, Sandra Gilbert gathers the poems she wrote in memory of her husband's unexpected and inexplicable death.
  • 9780393315165 72

    Wrongful Death: A Memoir

    Sandra M. Gilbert

    Paperback, 1997

    “A loving eulogy . . . a powerful and wrenching book.” —Los Angeles Times
  • 9780393321890 72

    Kissing the Bread: New and Selected Poems, 1969-1999

    Sandra M. Gilbert

    Paperback, 2001

    "[Her] poems startle on every page: at times they bring your heart to your throat."—Peter Dale Scott
  • 9780393327816 72

    Belongings: Poems

    Sandra M. Gilbert

    Paperback, 2006

    An ambitious, intricately wrought corona of sonnets ponders the nature of belonging in every sense of the word.
  • 9780393329698 72

    Death's Door: Modern Dying and the Ways We Grieve

    Sandra M. Gilbert

    Paperback, 2007

    "The most comprehensive multidisciplinary contemplation of mortality we are likely to get."--Thomas Lynch, New York Times Book Review
  • 9780393067644 72

    Rereading Women: Thirty Years of Exploring Our Literary Traditions

    Sandra M. Gilbert

    Hardcover, 2011

    A collection of essays that reexamine literature through a feminist gaze from "one of our most versatile and gifted writers" (Joyce Carol Oates).