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  • 9780393876970 72

    Terrible Magnificent Sociology

    Lisa Wade

    First Edition


    Find yourself in the fascinating.

  • 9780393537314 72

    The Family: Diversity, Inequality, and Social Change

    Philip N. Cohen

    Third Edition


    Learn the story—and the sociology—behind the data about today’s families.

  • 9780393537529 72

    The Art and Science of Social Research

    Deborah Carr, Elizabeth Heger Boyle, Benjamin Cornwell, Shelley Correll, Robert Crosnoe, Jeremy Freese, Mary C. Waters

    Second Edition


    Show your students how social research really unfolds.

  • 9780393533040 72

    Social Problems

    Joel Best

    Fourth Edition


    An engaging, unconventional guide for how to think about social problems.

  • 9780393419504 72

    Race in America

    Matthew Desmond, Mustafa Emirbayer

    Second Edition


    Equip your students to engage with the most urgent issues of our time.