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  • 9780393419504 72

    Race in America

    Matthew Desmond, Mustafa Emirbayer

    Second Edition

    Mixed media product

    Equip your students to engage with the most urgent issues of our time.

  • 9780393667967 72

    Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions

    Lisa Wade, Myra Marx Ferree

    Second Edition


    The new gold standard for sociology of gender courses.

  • 9780393623581 72

    Sex Matters: The Sexuality and Society Reader

    Mindy Stombler, Dawn M. Baunach, Elisabeth O. Burgess, Wendy Simonds, Elroi J. Windsor

    Fifth Edition


    A sex-positive reader that presents sex as a social issue.

  • 9780393639322 72

    The Family: Diversity, Inequality, and Social Change

    Philip N. Cohen

    Second Edition

    Mixed media product

    Learn the story behind the data about today’s families.

  • 9781324000549 72

    Give Methods a Chance

    Kyle Green, Sarah Lageson, Douglas Hartmann, Christopher Uggen


    A collection of short, accessible pieces designed to demystify the research process and show how methods are put into action.