Children's Books

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  • 9780884488378 72

    The Lunch Thief: A Story of Hunger, Homelessness and Friendship

    Anne C. Bromley, Robert Casilla


    His mom had packed his lunch bag with two burritos, a bag of corn chips, some carrots, and an apple. Once a week she tucks in a slice of her...

  • 9780884486268 72

    Miss Pinkeltink's Purse

    Patty Brozo, Ana Ochoa


    "Rosy-cheeked and quite antique, Miss Pinkeltink / carried everything but the kitchen sink. / Her purse was so big that it dragged on the floor. /...

  • 9780884486978 72

    The Buddy Bench

    Patty Brozo, Mike Deas


    Having seen what being left out is like, children become agents of change, convincing their teacher to let them build a buddy bench.

  • 9780884486398 72

    Who Belongs Here?: An American Story

    Margy Burns Knight, Anne Sibley O'Brien

    2nd Edition


    In this probing, plain-spoken book, based on a true story, Margy Burns Knight and Anne Sibley O'Brien, author and illustrator of the acclaimed...

  • 9780884485766 72

    Talking Walls: Discover Your World

    Margy Burns Knight, Anne Sibley O'Brien


    If walls could talk, what would they say? Perhaps they would tell us who built them and why. Maybe they could even tell us about people's lives today or about how our ancestors lived thousands of years ago.