Children's Books

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  • 9780884485933 72

    If Picasso Painted a Snowman

    Amy Newbold, Greg Newbold


    From that simple premise flows this delightful, whimsical, educational picture book that shows how the artist’s imagination can summon magic from a...

  • 9780884487593 72

    Far Side of the Moon: The Story of Apollo 11's Third Man

    Alex Irvine, Ben Bishop


    *Junior Library Guild Selection 2017*

    A unanimous selection to the 2018 Maverick Graphic Novel List!

    This graphic retelling of the Apollo 11 moon-landing mission follows astronaut Michael Collins, commander of the lunar orbiter, to the far side of the moon.

  • Say Something: 10th Anniversary Edition

    Peggy Moss, Lea Lyon


    At this school, there are some children who push and tease and bully. Sometimes they hurt other kids by just ignoring them.

  • 9780884484882 72

    If You Are a Kaka, You Eat Doo Doo: And Other Poop Tales from Nature

    Sara Martel, Sara Lynn Cramb


    Baby golden tortoise beetles pile poop on their backs to create a shield as protection from predators. Silver-spotted skipper caterpillars can...

  • 9780884484912 72

    A Story of Travel in 50 Vehicles: From Shoes to Space Shuttles

    Paula Grey, Phillip Hoose


    Starred Youth Services Book Review

    Paula Grey explores how creative thinkers—sometimes collaborating, sometimes competing, and always building on the work of their predecessors—have envisioned new ways to move about in the world.