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  • 9780884485889 72

    Daddy Played the Blues

    Michael Garland, Michael Garland


    Packing themselves into an old jalopy—with Daddy, Uncle Vern, and Mama in the front seat and Cassie and her two brothers in the back—they joined...

  • 9780884485513 72

    Don't Mess with Me: The Strange Lives of Venomous Sea Creatures

    Paul Erickson, Andrew Martinez


    Scorpions and brown recluse spiders are fine as far as they go, but if you want daily contact with venomous creatures, the ocean is the place to...

  • 9780884485001 72

    Extreme Survivors: Animals That Time Forgot

    Kimberly Ridley


    More than 99 percent of all life forms have gone extinct during the 3.6-billion-year history of life on Earth. Other organisms have changed...

  • 9780884483953 72

    The Eye of the Whale: A Rescue Story

    Jennifer O'Connell


    What followed was a rare and remarkable demonstration of animal behavior. This celebrated story, beautifully depicted in Jennifer O’Connell’s...

  • 9780884484523 72

    Far Side of the Moon: The Story of Apollo 11's Third Man

    Alex Irvine, Ben Bishop


    *Junior Library Guild Selection 2017*

    A unanimous selection to the 2018 Maverick Graphic Novel List!

    This graphic retelling of the Apollo 11 moon-landing mission follows astronaut Michael Collins, commander of the lunar orbiter, to the far side of the moon.