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  • 9780884488484 72

    Whale Fall Café

    Jacquie Sewell, Dan Tavis


    One medium-size whale carcass delivers as much food to the dark, cold ocean depths as 4,000 years of sinking food particles. When a dead whale arrives, the café opens for business, and who better than Dan Tavis to show us the bizarre deep-ocean diners who show up?

  • 9781324005179 72

    The Old Boat

    Jarrett Pumphrey, Jerome Pumphrey


    The creators of The Old Truck set sail with an old boat and an evocative, intricately crafted exploration of home and family.

  • 9781324011354 72

    Bear Against Time

    Jean-Luc Fromental, Joëlle Jolivet


    Readers can learn how to tell time and why it matters with this cleverly humorous new picture book from the best-selling creators of 365 Penguins.

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    Have I Ever Told You Black Lives Matter

    Shani King, Bobby C. Martin Jr


    A tender and powerful affirmation that Black lives have always mattered.

  • 9780884487272 72

    Most Days

    Michael Leannah, Megan Elizabeth Baratta


    Good things happen in the ordinary minutes of an ordinary day.