Norton Critical Editions:Medieval Literature

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  • 9780393930719 72

    The Consolation of Philosophy

    Boethius, Douglas C. Langston

    First Edition


    One of the most influential texts to come out of the late Middle Ages.

  • 9780393977967 72


    Dante Alighieri, Giuseppe Mazzotta, Michael Palma

    First Edition


    This Norton Critical Edition of Dante’s masterpiece is based on Michael Palma’s verse translation, which is acclaimed for its elegant rendering of Dante’s triple-rhyme scheme into contemporary English.

  • 9780393972801 72

    The Writings of St. Paul

    Saint Paul, Wayne A. Meeks, John T. Fitzgerald

    Second Edition


    The Second Edition of this perennially popular Norton Critical Edition is based on the Today’s New International Version of Paul’s letters, a new translation that is heralded for its inclusiveness and accuracy in representation of gender.

  • 9780393925883 72

    Dream Visions and Other Poems

    Geoffrey Chaucer, Kathryn L. Lynch

    First Edition


    This Norton Critical Edition presents Chaucer’s four dream visions and selected shorter poems and is suitable for both beginning and advanced students.

  • 9780393927559 72

    Troilus and Criseyde

    Geoffrey Chaucer, Stephen Barney

    First Edition


    This Norton Critical Edition of Chaucer’s masterpiece is based on Stephen Barney’s acclaimed text and is accompanied by a translation of its major source, Boccaccio’s Filostrato.