Norton Critical Editions:Modern and Contemporary Literature

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    The Time Machine

    H. G. Wells, Stephen Arata

    First Edition


    The Time Machine (1895) is H. G. Wells’s first published novel as well as his most enduring and influential work.

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    E. E. Cummings: Selected Works

    E. E. Cummings, Milton A. Cohen

    First Edition


    This Norton Critical Edition includes:

    • 166 poems spanning the range of Cummings’s career, selections of his prose and dramatic writing, twelve...

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    Adrienne Rich: Poetry and Prose

    Adrienne Rich, Barbara Charlesworth Gelpi, Albert Gelpi, Brett C. Millier

    Second Edition


    This Norton Critical Edition brings research into this beloved poet’s body of work completely up to date.

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    The Metamorphosis

    Franz Kafka, Mark M. Anderson, Susan Bernofsky

    First Edition


    “This fine version, with David Cronenberg’s inspired introduction and the new translator’s beguiling afterword, is, I suspect, the most disturbing though the most comforting of all so far; others will follow, but don’t hesitate: this is the transforming t

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    The Secret Sharer and Other Stories

    Joseph Conrad, John G. Peters

    First Edition


    Four stories—two set on stormy seas, two on calm seas, all four based on the same incident—that speak to each other in interesting ways.