Norton Critical Editions:Nineteenth-Century Literature

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  • 9780393962925 72

    Oliver Twist

    Charles Dickens, Fred Kaplan


    This Norton Critical Edition of a Dickens favorite reprints the 1846 text, the last edition of the novel substantially revised by Dickens and the one that most clearly reflects his authorial intentions.

  • 9780393958287 72

    David Copperfield

    Charles Dickens, Jerome H. Buckley


    This Norton Critical Edition reprints the original 1850 text of Dickens’ most autobiographical novel, and his own personal favorite, including all of the line drawings by Phiz.

  • 9780393090710 72

    The Prelude: 1799, 1805, 1850

    William Wordsworth, M. H. Abrams, Stephen Gill, Jonathan Wordsworth


    There are no fewer than seventeen manuscripts of The Prelude in the Wordsworth library at Grasmere. Working with these materials, the editors have...

  • 9780393091717 72

    The Egoist

    George Meredith, Robert M. Adams


    This edition of Meredith's satirical novel of manners reprints the text of 1897, which incorporated Meredith's revisions to the first edition of 1879.

  • 9780393093322 72

    Bleak House

    Charles Dickens, George Ford, Sylvere Monod


    This authoritative text of Bleak House was the first to be established by a comparative study of all the surviving versions of Dickens’ novel, incorporating evidence from the original manuscript and corrected proofs.