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  • 9780393952094 72

    Anthology of Classical Music

    Philip G. Downs


    For this carefully selected anthology, the author of Classical Music has chosen representative works from the eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries. All seventy-six selections--complete pieces, movements, or integral sections--are discussed at length in the companion text.

  • 9780393090802 72

    Anthology of Medieval Music

    Richard H. Hoppin


    This anthology is designed to accompany Medieval Music, the initial offering in the Norton Introduction to Music History series. It will also undoubtedly provide a welcome addition to the heretofore severely limited repertoire of medieval pieces available in contemporary notation.

  • 9780393617351 72

    Anthology of Music for Analysis

    Timothy Cutler

    First Edition


    The best collection of musical examples for any theory class

  • 9780393971705 72

    Anthology of Renaissance Music

    Allan W. Atlas


    In this carefully selected anthology—the author of Renaissance Music presents full scores for all the music highlighted in the companion text—a total of 102 works of complete movements by some 75 composers.

  • 9780393952841 72

    Anthology of Twentieth-Century Music

    Robert P. Morgan


    Designed to accompany and supplement the author's survey, Twentieth-Century Music: A History of Musical Style in Modern Europe and America, this selection of 29 works or groups of works by 24 composers covers a time span from 1903 to 1983.