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  • 9780393640250 72

    Intimate Relationships

    Thomas N. Bradbury, Benjamin R. Karney

    Third Edition


    Current and diverse: a perfect match for today’s student.

  • 9780393974461 72

    Creating Mind: How the Brain Works

    John E. Dowling


    From a distinguished teacher and scholar, this beautifully illustrated and lucidly written book reveals the beauty of the organ that makes us uniquely human.

  • 9780393924473 72

    Learning & Memory

    Howard Eichenbaum


    In Learning & Memory, leading researcher Howard Eichenbaum provides a new-fashioned synthesis of the contemporary learning and memory fields.

  • 9780393957976 72

    Self Psychology in Clinical Social Work

    Miriam Elson


    Self psychology has a particular theoretical and clinical fit with social work practice, enhancing and deepening the treatment process with both children and adults and in individual and family therapy.

  • 9780393977219 72

    The Thinking Eye, the Seeing Brain: Explorations in Visual Cognition

    James T. Enns


    The Thinking Eye, the Seeing Brain is the first modern visual cognition survey text written especially for undergraduates, available now at a uniquely affordable price.