Robert Rauber

Robert Rauber: Bob, an AMS Member, an AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist (inactive), and a Fellow of the AMS, is professor and head of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. His research falls within the disciplines of physical meteorology, radar meteorology, and mesoscale meteorology. Much of his work involves collaborative efforts with other faculty members and scientists from other institutions. Dr. Rauber has been an investigator in twenty major field research programs and has worked extensively with conventional, dual-Doppler, and airborne radars, dual-channel microwave radiometers, optical array and scattering probes, as well as other aircraft and ground-based and satellite-based instruments. Rauber is a co-author of?Severe and Hazardous Weather?with John Walsh and Donna Charlevoix, which is in its Fourth Edition and has been used by well over a hundred schools.

Books by Robert Rauber

  • 9780393614107 72

    Earth Science: The Earth, The Atmosphere, and Space

    Stephen Marshak, Robert Rauber

    First Edition, Mixed Media Product, 2017

    Experience Earth Science with fresh eyes!
  • 9780393419740 72

    Earth Science

    Stephen Marshak, Robert Rauber

    Second Edition, Mixed Media Product, 2020

    The best text for helping students see the world around them through a scientist’s eyes.