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A Guide to Musical Styles

From Madrigal to Modern Music

Revised Edition


Douglas Moore (Author)

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Douglas Moore, whose Listening to Music has made him known to a large audience of music lovers, has here written a book which will be welcomed by every ambitious listener who would develop his musical assurance and broaden his taste so as to achieve the greatest possible enjoyment from his musical experiences.

This book transports the reader into the spirit of great music, so that when he encounters an unfamiliar composition he will feel at home in its style and will have some idea of what to expect. It examines five great periods—the Renaissance, Baroque, Classic, Romantic, and Modern—and teaches him the technique of listening so that he can identify the style and form of a piece of music and place it in its proper period. For unless our ears can tell us the difference between a fugue and a sonata, the study of names, dates and historical trends will be futile.

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