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Truth and Reality


Otto Rank (Author)

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Rank’s development of will psychology led him to a philosophy of the psychological, outlined in Truth and Reality. Here he explores the psychological determinants of the relationship of inner world to outer reality.

Anticipating one of the central findings of post-Freudian psychiatry, he argues that “truth” is irrelevant to the work of therapy. He contrasts the negative externalization of will, which leads to denial and guilt, with the creative power of will, tracing this conflict in both the individual and the history of human society.

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  • 9780393305746 72

    Art and Artist: Creative Urge and Personality Development

    Otto Rank, Charles Francis Atkinson, Anaïs Nin

    Paperback, 1989

    "[Rank's thought] has implications for the deepest and broadest development of the social sciences . . . and of all [Rank's] books, Art and Artist is the most secure monument to his genius." —...