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You Can Go Home Again

Reconnecting With Your Family

September 1995


"Monica McGoldrick is one of the most extraordinary voices among us. Her splendid new book is a gift, a rich source of hope, information, and insight that will teach readers to reconnect with our past and invent a new future." —Harriet Lerner, Ph.D. author of The Dance of Anger, The Dance of Intimacy, and The Dance of Deception

In this revelatory book, esteemed family therapist Monica McGoldrick explores why families behave as they do, using genograms (family trees) to illustrate family patterns. Mapped out over a three-generation span, repeated estrangements, alliances, even divorces and suicides, prove more than coincidental. McGoldrick uses the genograms of famous families - including the Kennedys, Hepburns, Beethovens and Brontes - the discuss the influence of birth order and sibling rivalry, family myths and secrets, cultural differences, couple relationships and the pivotal role of loss. Relevant questions to ask appear at the end of each chapter, helping the reader become researcher, uncovering information previously withheld, misunderstood or overlooked.

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165 x 244 mm • 332 pages


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