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The Ethics of Invention

Technology and the Human Future

September 2016


We live in a world increasingly governed by technology—but at what cost?

Sheila Jasanoff charts society’s embrace of technological solutions and technology’s complex interplay with ethics and human rights. She dissects the ways in which we delegate power to technological systems and asks how we might regain control. From GMOs to gene therapy, biomedicine has challenged traditional definitions of life and death and raised difficult questions, such as who owns our genetic information. The Internet has redefined privacy with social media and search giants operating as new, all-powerful “data oligarchs”, while cyber warfare has weakened the boundaries of the nation-state. Jasanoff shows that, far from being an amoral or apolitical force, technology has important consequences for government of, by and for the people. The Ethics of Invention challenges us to build a future in which we work in open, democratic dialogue to manage the risks and promises of technology.


"... readable and absorbing book...A clear-eyed study of shiny and new inventions..." — Richard Joyner, Times Higher Education



147 x 218 mm • 320 pages


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