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The Compassionate Connection

The Healing Power of Empathy and Mindful Listening


David Rakel (Author)

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An innovative approach to enhancing health and strengthening relationships through the art of human connection.

David Rakel explores why it is so hard for us to connect on a deep level with others, particularly those who are suffering. We constantly find ourselves interrupted and inundated with tasks and stresses. We are disconnected, sleepwalking through our lives, unable to help even ourselves. There is a better way.

Rakel draws on his clinical experience with patients and the latest research from medicine, psychology and neuroscience to describe the power of human connection, and the ways it can be used to boost health and well-being. Once we understand this power and learn the tools that are necessary to create a connection, we can live with clarity, creativity, wisdom and good health. The Compassionate Connection will give us the skills to improve the quality of our relationships, whether doctor/patient, husband/wife, parent/child, teacher/ student or boss/employee.