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America's Moment

Creating Opportunity in the Connected Age


Rework America (Author)

With a Preface by Zoë Baird

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From across the political spectrum, a group of American leaders have come together to change the course of their nation—to Rework America.

Amid the biggest economic transformation in a century, many Americans are uncertain about the future—there are many paths to opportunity but few people travel them. In America’s Moment, American CEOs, technologists, community leaders, educators, management experts and government officials suggest an agenda for an exciting future in this time of change. Illustrated by people who are showing the way, it includes action people can take in their own community: preparing for success; using the reach of the Internet and data to innovate jobs and to reach new markets; using technology to match employers and workers; and transitioning to a “no-collar” working world. America’s Moment describes how the forces of change can become tools that open opportunity to everyone.


“...a readable and well-reasoned text.” — The Economist