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Consequential Strangers

Turning Everyday Encounters Into Life-Changing Moments


Melinda Blau (Author), Karen L. Fingerman (Author)

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“A mind-expanding and heart-opening book.” —Daniel Goleman, author of Social Intelligence

They punctuate our days, but we take them for granted: our barista, our car mechanic, our coworker. Yet these are the consequential strangers who bring novelty and new opportunities into our lives. In an unprecedented examination of “people who don’t seem to matter,” psychologist Karen L. Fingerman, who coined the term, collaborates with journalist Melinda Blau to develop an idea sparked by Fingerman and others’ groundbreaking social science research. Drawing as well from Blau’s wide-ranging interviews, this book presents a rich portrait of our social landscape, chronicling the surprising impact consequential strangers have on business, creativity, health, and the strength of our communities.


“The essential guide to navigating our new twenty-first-century social waters.” — Mark Granovetter, professor of sociology, Stanford University

“The authors make a compelling case that our social constellations are larger and sexier than we realize. Your neighbors will cease to be blurry faces and become nearby stars worth cultivating.” — Psychology Today

“Especially cogent today…Illustrate[s] the importance of individuals we often take for granted yet who enrich our lives in ways not immediately noticeable but that could prove highly significant.” — Publishers Weekly