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Get Me Out

A History of Childbirth from the Garden of Eden to the Sperm Bank

March 2011


"[An] engrossing survey of the history of childbirth." —Stephen Lowman, Washington Post

Making and having babies—what it takes to get pregnant, stay pregnant, and deliver—have mystified women and men throughout human history. The insatiably curious Randi Hutter Epstein journeys through history, fads, and fables, and to the fringe of science. Here is an entertaining must-read—an enlightening celebration of human life.


"[A] fascinating and powerful recounting of conception and childbirth." — Science News

"Epstein’s fine history of childbirth…carefully describes both the introduction and the progress of new methods and the mindsets that have generated, encouraged, accompanied and justified them." — Boston Sunday Globe

"Randi Hutter Epstein’s book is full of delightful—and sometimes disturbing—anecdotes." — NPR

"A lively history…Randi Hutter Epstein injects new energy into the now-familiar story…Her book takes a kind of great-man—and not so great-man—approach to childbirth’s history, focusing on some of the personalities who transformed it for better and for worse." — Liza Mundy, Slate

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